Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Interested in planning and automatic goal generation for Reinforcement Learning agents.


Loving for a skeptic (thought)

Published Jun 23, 2015

The uncertainty of this reality we are going through is complex as it is. There are so many unanswered questions parked in my mind while others are traveling around. Knowing this, made me decided that I will take the risk of “loving” (whatever that may be). I have decided to introduce another variable to my complex universe. One that has its own uncertainty. Another perspective for my brain to account for.

This sounds completely illogical, why would someone introduce more uncertainty to his own. This feeling transcends our four-dimensional reality. This feeling travels undefined into the future and ignores the time-space constraints that have been defined in our minds.

The path of searching for truth demands me to look into every possibility and explore the unknown. Today, as a twenty year old, I realize that loving will contradict every rational principle humans have, but it is out of love that we do the most extraordinary things. I as a skeptic must explore.