Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Interested in planning and automatic goal generation for Reinforcement Learning agents.


Facing the music (poem)

Published Jan 16, 2020

You have been practicing
all this time behind the curtain.

No one has been looking.

The toughest of all judges and you,
have been engaging in long conversations,
trying to figure out, if you are ready.

the curtains rises.

You are blinded,
by an unfamiliar beam of light
that goes all the way through
to your occipital lobe.

Your pupils,
take a second to adjust.

The room,
pitch dark.

stars and spots of light
begin to appear in the room.

You shift your eyes down and
the wooden floor is gone.

You are floating.

The room resembles
a Hubble photograph.

The entire galaxy is watching,
you will finally perform.

In your head,
you order your body to move,
just before your body actually makes a move,
you wake up.